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"the exposure independent (without a tour guide) searchers (individual adults, students, family) - a permanent exhibition museum objects, annotation, storyboards, graphic and video information, as well as professional equipment shall be presented to the medicinal product
with the Latvian fire-fighting history from the middle with 19 to the present day. The first-floor history since 19 and 20 at the end of the medicinal product, since the start fire-brigade uniforms, helmets, tools, awards, arms and motor pumps. The second-floor exhibition reflects fire development from 20 to 40 years since .tajiem today introduces the automatic detection and fire suppression systems, fire rescue personnel work uniforms, equipment and devices, information about the last year, the largest fires and other disasters. Hall of Fame store official duties killed a firefighter awarded fire lists the names of the State Fire and Rescue Service and Latvian Fire museum banners. Exhibition layout consistently recalls the fire safety requirements on a day-to-day basis, provide an opportunity to acquire basic skills deemed the blaze and correct to act in the event of disaster. "

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