To check the results count the numbers of the answers You have chosen
( for example- 1.question 2.answer, 2.question 1.answer – 2+1= 3 and so on)

  • 1.What to do if oil in the frying-pan on the stove flares up?

1. cover it with a dense cloth;
2. pour water on it;
3. call 112 from mobile phone or 01 from the fixed phone.

  • 2. What to do if your clothes catch fire?

1. press the burning place to the ground or cover it with a dense cloth;
2. run for help;
3. tear off the burning clothes.

  • 3. How to put out camp-fire?

1. strew sand or pour water on it;
2. leave it to burn to the end;
3. trample by feet.

  • 4. What to do when hearing an alarm siren?

1. switch on radio or TV and listen to the information;
2. call 112 or 01;
3. leave the building.

  • 5. How to extinguish fire in engine compartment of the car?

1. inject the fire-extinguishing substance under the engine compartment through the openings in the sides, bars of the radiator, open the cover of the compartment and inject the substance into engine compartment, disconnect the wire of the accumulator;
2. stop the engine,open the cover of the engine compartment and inject the fire-extinguishing substance into it;
3. stop the engine, disconnect the fuel supply of the engine, extinguish fire in the engine compartment.

  • 6. What to do if the TV set has caught fire?

1. unplug it and cover with a dense cloth;
2. pour water on it;
3. call 112 or 01.

  • 7. What to do in thunderstorm in town?

1. not to leave the building without special necessity, shut the doors and windows and unplug electric appliences;
2. search the shelter under the trees;
3. open the windows.

  • 8. What is the function of smoke detectors in the flat?

1.warn about ignition;
2. warn about breaking in;
3. warn about damage in wiring.

  • 9. How to help if a person gets into accident on water?

1. throw the drowning person a floating thing tied in a rope or a piece of clothes, call the rescue service 112;
2. swim to the drowning person and try to help not estimating ones skills and the situation;
3. call for help and wait for somebody else to call the rescue service.

  • 10. What to do if during a storm a falling tree has broken an electric wire?

1. call State Fire and Rescue Service 112 or Latvenergo experts;
2. move the electric wire;
3. test if the wire is under tension.

0 – 14 points – Your  basic knowledge is satisfactory and theoretically You are ready for actions in extreme conditions;

15 – 20 points – Your theoretical knowledge is not satisfactory and need to be supplemented;

20 and more points – You endanger Yourself and the fellowmen. Start  educating Yourself by reading corresponding literature and visiting