The Latvian Fire Fighting Museum is situated in Riga, 5 Hanzas Street in a Art Nouveau building designed by architect Reinhold Schmeling and built in 1912.

Fire Fighting Museum was opened in 1978.

The exposition of the museum introduces the history of Latvian firefighting from the middle of the 19th century to the present day and the history of the development of civil defense.

The exposition on the first floor tells the history of development of fire fighting in Latvia. One can see fire fighters’ helmets, tools, uniforms, hoses, pumps, fire vehicle „Chevrolet Six”.

 On the second floor exhibits depict the development of fire fighting till nowadays. One can learn also about the scientific research work of the Service, development of fire sports, the greatest fires and other catastrophies.

In the Hall of Honour of Fire Fighters the visitors of the Museum  can read the names of fire fighters who lost their lives while fighting fires, see the awards of fire fighters of various times.

Visitors of the Museum can also acquire practical skills of fire extinguishing, take part in competitions and quizes, watch video films.

Visit to the fire brigade next to the Museum is also included in the plan of the excursion.

Various exhibitions – of pictures, photographs, placards - take place in the Museum.

Deposit for the research work is available also on Monday – 08.30 – 17.00, application beforehand.

Deposit of the Museum includes 32 383 items.