We warmly welcome the veteran of the civil protection system, the retired –lieutenant- colonel, the President of the Latvian Union "Chernobyl", the active supporter of the museum Arnolds Arvaldis Vērzemnieks on the important anniversary of life! We wish you strong health, joy of life, family companionship and continue to play an active role for society.   

Sveic_A Verzemn

Arnolds Arvaldis Vērzemnieks was born on December 02, 1941, in Ergli. In 1964 graduated from the Saratov Chemical Army Military School, in 1984 the Academy of Chemical Protection named after Marshall S.Tymoshenko, obtaining a higher military education of a chemical armaments operation engineer. He served as the head of the Chemical Service of the 74-foot division in Chernyahovsk, in the Baltic War region. From 1980 to 1992 he was the Head of the Radiation and Chemical Division of the Riga City Civil Protection Headquarters.

From November 25 to December 28, 1986, he participated in the Chernobyl NPP emergency relief works as a chemist in the civil protection task force of the USSR Government Commission.

 With the aim to represent the interests of the participants of the Chernobyl NPP accident relief in Latvia, with a group of like-minded people in 1991 started to form the Latvian union "Chernobyl", the Association was officially founded on February 8, 1993, when he was also elected chairman of the board of the Latvian Union "Chernobyl".

More than 100 objects have been donated to the museum - documents, photographs, personal protective equipment, etc.c.