We conclud the Latvian National 100 year Celebration Plan 2017 – 2021, with thematic exhibition at the Latvian Fire Museum "First Latvian Congress of Firefighters, 1921".

The First Latvian Congress of Firefighters convened at a time when Latvia was slowly recovering from the scars of the First World War. The Riga City Firefighting Team had 138 employees in 1921, and volunteer firefighters had to be involved in order to jointly promote the development of firefighting in the Republic of Latvia (1918–1940), implement congress resolutions, and mainly establish a new institution to work together to protect society from the scourge of flames. This institution was led by energetic firefighting enthusiasts and well-known people in the society. Several of them were participants in the Latvian Freedom Fights, one knight of the Lāčplēsis War Order. During the first Republic of Latvia, the firefighting industry improved and reached the level of European countries. It was interrupted by the occupation of foreign powers and by World War II, followed by repression and emigration.

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