Alexei Skaredova Models of fire engines and military equipment

Aleksejs Skaredovs

Alexei Skaredov's career in firefighting began in 1977 as an engineer in the Fire Equipment and Communications Division of the Fire Department of the Ministry of the Interior, at the rank of lieutenant.

In the 1990s, A. Skaredovs was the Deputy Head of the Fire Brigade (head of the rural communication unit) in the SFRS Fire Service, later - the head of the SFRS Central Communication Point, p.i.

Since 2002, Deputy Head of the SFRS Operational Department, Head of the Communications Department.

On February 1, 2006, A. Skaredovs went to the rank of lieutenant colonel on a well-deserved rest and already on March 15, by the order of the Ministry of the Interior, he was transferred to the MoI Communication Center, where he currently works, using the accumulated rich work experience and knowledge.

Alexei Skaredov has a great love of work, a refined sense of humor and many hobbies - sports, traveling and also making models, which requires time, the jeweler's precision and the historian's look at things.

The exhibition offers an insight into the beginnings of the construction of fire engines in the first half of the last century and also the evolution of the most interesting military equipment of the Second World War.

For Alexei Skaredov, this is another meaningful exposition in the museum - we wish the author good health, tireless energy and many new works that will delight museum visitors, allowing them to look into the development of technical thought of civilization.