Romualds Ražuks muzeja auto modelīšu kolekciju zālē

Thanks to the donation from Romualds Ražuks, a professor at the University of Latvia, the museum has become richer and more meaningful in celebration of yet another Museum Day. The exhibition of fire and rescue vehicle models has been complemented by a previously missing part - vehicles from the Soviet era - as well as pearls of the Latvian automotive industry, such as the Russo-Balt manufactured in the Riga Baltic Wagon Factory in 1912, the Ford-Vairogs assembled in Latvia in the 1930s, and the only passenger microbus produced in series during the Soviet era, RAF Latvia. Romualds Ražuks recalled the nuances of building the vehicle model collection over many years and expressed satisfaction that this valuable collection has become accessible to a wide range of enthusiasts, including future generations.

The opening of the new exhibition sections was also supported by Renārs Zaļais, the director of the Barricades Museum, and Arnolds Ārvaldis Vērzemnieks, the president of the Latvian Union "Chernobyl." At the same time, museum visitors were introduced to the latest thematic exhibitions.


Pasākuma dalībnieki Ugunsdzēsības auto modelīšu kolekciju zālē


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