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"1. the Programme“ Security on a daily basis in the circumstances of the four seasons”
And play video material are dealt with in every season, the appropriate security measures and actions necessary in a complex algorithms.
This is particularly true for children living day-to-day on balmy conditions and neaizdomājas on potential threats on a day-to-day basis.
The program has attachment Muzejpedagoģiskā State Fire and Rescue Service producētajai video film “a dangerous border”.
The program recommended 3 to 7. class pupils.
2 .Programma "" Be safe, but careful "
Children are little prepared or totally unprepared for problems that can happen at every turn, and it is important to present the action options possible in exceptional circumstances. The theoretical training material is accompanied by a visual presentation material to be better understood what she had had children with visual memory of receiving the most important conditions.
Training material is intended to be 1. - 4. class students. "

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