Veteran of the fire service, retired Lieutenant Colonel Savva Fedotov was born on December 10, 1931 in Ekabpils County, where he graduated from high school. In 1950-1951 worked as a pioneer guide of the school. After graduating the Leningrad Fire Technical School, from 1954 to 1956 he was the chief of the guard of the Jurmala Fire Department, later, until 1957, he was an inspector of the Liepaja Fire Department. 1957 - 1961. graduated from the Faculty of Engineers of Fire Safety and Engineering of the Moscow Higher School of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Until 1973, he worked in various positions in the Fire Protection Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Latvia, later, until 1983, he headed the Training Center of the Fire Protection Department (currently the College of Fire Safety and Civil Protection). From 1983 to 1986 he headed the Testing Fire Laboratory of the Republic.

In 1986, he retired and continued to work in the Fire Department of the Ogre district for another 5 years.

S. Fedotov made a significant personal contribution to the development and improvement of the fire safety supervision system, staff training and research work.

sveic Fjodor

We cordially congratulate the anniversary, wish him good health, cheerfulness, longevity and many pleasant moments!