Slavas zālē divi vīrieši tur rokās karogu tumši sarkanā krāsā ar izšuvumiem, aizmugurē viņiem uzstādīti  divi  karogi un  virsnieku formas tērpi

At the end of the service, assuring honor, respect and gratitude to the team of the institution for long-term effective and joint work, the head of the State Fire and Rescue Service, General Oskars Āboliņš, attached a symbolic nail to the service flagpole in the museum's Hall of Fame, wrote a message with wishes in the Book of Honor and symbolically handed over the service management baton to his deputy colonel Mārtiņas Baltmanis.

In gratitude for his support in preserving the history and traditions of firefighting, we wish Oskar Āboliņš tireless energy, success and the fulfillment of his intentions in the future stage of his life and work!

We wish the new head of the institution, colonel Mārtiņas Baltmanis, strength, perseverance and, based on a strong team, to continue the development of the service, successfully overcoming all possible and impossible challenges!

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