I kacanovs

Ivan Kačanov retired Lieutenant Colonel, a senior specialist of Fire Safety and Civil Defense College the Fire Testing Laboratory. Born on August 20, 1951 in the Dagda region. In 1972, graduated from the Leningrad Fire Technical School, in 1978 graduated from the Moscow Higher Technical School of Fire Fighting.

Worked in various positions in Latvian Fire Brigade for instance in the technical department, as the city of Jūrmala head of the militarized fire service brigade, later head of Fire Department, Fire Testing Laboratory. After retiring from the service, he continued to work in the Scientific Research Department of the State Fire and Rescue Service. Currently he works in the Fire Testing Laboratory of the Fire Safety and Civil Protection College, giving his the knowledge and experience accumulated in the service to college cadets.

Thank you for Ivan Kachanov's personal contribution to preserving the history of firefighting and best wishes!