Teksts par sūkni un sūkņa attēls

Fire pump SZ-400 (gear pump)
Unique under-wheel fire pump SZ-400 (museum item LUM 435) for any wheeled vehicle. The original design gear fire pump with a water flow of up to 400 litres per minute and an operating pressure of up to 6 bar at 1500 rpm, kept in daily reserve storage, was intended for use in the aftermath of major fires and disasters, including war with nuclear weapons, when daily resources would be insufficient.
Two rotating cylindrical metal coils on a metal frame, one of which is connected to the pump drive gear by a clutch. To drive the pump, the rollers are driven by a wheel on the draw axle of any vehicle, a gear is engaged and the required rotational speed is set. A differential on the trailing axle of the car chassis ensures the rest position of the wheel on the opposite side.
The pump is on display in the museum's 2nd floor hall.

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