In recent years the collection of our Museum has been supplemented with valuable and rare items from the beginning of the last century, which were once used by known firefighters or association of firefighters. Valuable photographs with descriptions made by Riga city volunteer firefighters groups veterans in 1913-1932.  Dated documents, volunteer firefighters wristbands from 1930s, household items, awards and items for firefighters' harnesses.

From September 11th till 12th 1926, the founding conference of the Baltic Firefighters' Association took place in Riga, and on September 12, its participants visited of voluntary firefighters unions in Nordeķi, leaving their signatures in unions guest book. This book, with meaningful historical records, the flag of Zaķusala BUB with an embroidered hare, firefighters helmets from first half of the 20th century, axes and the awards of A. Johansons, who was member of Cēsu voluntary firefighters union. Mentioned items are part of the National Museums Collection that are stored in our museum.

We are grateful to all the donors, especially volunteer firefighters veterans and Amanda Balta, the grand daughter of August Johansson(1902 -1944),  she gifted to our museum, her grandfather awards and documents signed by A. Kviesis and K. Ulmanis, former presidents of the Latvian Republic. Thank to the Commander of the Cēsu Firefighting Department, Kaspars Dravants for the assistance in formation of gift documents.